Coming Soon: Theme Refresh, a Premium WordPress Theme Shop

Theme Refresh

When I started working with beautiful folks over at Logic By Design, they came to me with an idea of what would become a very special project. Over the past few months, we have been hard at work on a special project, dubbed Theme Refresh.

Theme Refresh is a Premium WordPress theme shop, built specifically for other Web Professionals.

“Our goal is to provide a solid foundation for your next project, because of that our themes come with everything you will need to get your project started right.”

We are putting the final touches on three initial themes, all of which will be chock-full of goodies. In the meantime, if you’re interested in following our launch, releases and all things Theme Refresh, please sign up for notifications or follow us on Twitter @ThemeRefresh!

About Thomas

My name is Thomas. I run a web design, development and consulting company called Bishop Creative. I am addicted to all things Design, WordPress and Mt. Dew. Let's get in touch!
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  1. rapextras says:

    very very very cool, layout and styles, Thomas … i downloaded your .doc and plan on filling it out shorty – not sure if you’re currently accepting work but nice work on your site and branding :)

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