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Hey friends,

I just launched a new blog called Design & Things over at, where I will be focusing more closely on blogging in the coming weeks and months. Mainly, I’ll be covering my thoughts and experiences on design, product and ux and potentially interviewing other designers that are doing great work.

If you’re subscribed to the feed here, please kindly head over to the new blog and subscribe via RSS or email. Thank you!

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If you can’t take a step back and learn from your users, you’re not a good designer, no matter how polished your pixels are. The right decision isn’t always the best-looking.

— Tim Van Damme via The Industry

New venture: UI Details has launched!

UI Details

I recently launched a new venture, called UI Details! Simply put, it’s an inspiration gallery for UI/UX nerds & pixel addicts.

Check it out!

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Year in Review, 2011 Edition


To say that 2011 has been a busy year is an understatement. I have had a blast working with some awesome clients, and the outlook for my business Bishop Creative could not be better. As I plan for 2012, I can’t help but look back and feel extremely lucky to have worked on some killer projects with some creative and progressive folks.

With that being said, I’ve put together some highlights from some projects that I had the pleasure to be a part of this year…

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Bishop Creative is Now Responsive

I finally found some extra time this weekend to transform my main site, into a fully responsive layout. If you are a web designer and aren’t familiar with it, here’s a good read on the topic of responsive web design from Ethan Marcotte and the fine folks at A List Apart. If you have a second, head over to the Bishop Creative site to check out the goodness, and drop a comment with any feedback!

Visit the Bishop Creative site →

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Newly launched: David E. Jackson | Studios Website & Portfolio

I just launched a website/portfolio for my good friend and uber-talented photographer Dave Jackson. I’ve spent the last two weeks curled up in my office crafting this bad boy. Head over to to check out the website and all the killer photos that live in it!

Go to the Site!

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Top Notch Design Snaps from

Many of you may be familiar with the design snapshot-sharing community known as (a place where designers go to post “shots”  of what they are working on, whether it be client or personal work). While there is no shortage of inspiring work on Dribbble, I was recently introduced to another great online community that has been pumping out it’s fair share of solid work. That site is

Forrst not only enables you to, like Dribbble, share snapshots of what you’re working on, but also pose questions, show code examples and links. This combined with an engaging community makes it possible for designers & developers to get helpful (and if you’re lucky, candid) feedback on what you’re working on. I can’t stress enough how much of a difference this makes as a freelancer (especially to a freelancer who sits at home all day long talking to myself …themselves).

But enough chatter! Here are some examples of some talented folks doing awesome things!

Wirehive Branding

"Wirehive Branding" by Harry Ford

I've Got the Magic

"I've Got the Magic" by Allison Grayce Nold


Doodle by Allison Grayce Nold

Save the Date Postcards

"Save the Date Postcards" by Angie Strickland

Ze ozer robot

"Ze ozer robot" by Catalin Boroi


"Untitled" by Luke Beard

Louisville Hardcore Poster

"Louisville Hardcore Poster" by Chris Pfaffinger


"Forefathers" by Portland

When I Get Sad

"When I Get Sad" by Luke Beard

"Get Out" running-theme poster series

"'"Get Out' running-theme poster series" by Truen


Infographic by Benjamin Dauer

The White Tree of Gondor

"The White Tree of Gondor" by Peter Burdette

Old Book

"Old Book" by Ovidiu Alexandrescu


Falanx by Thomas Bossée

Final Show Poster

"Final Show Poster" by Luke Beard

3D iPhone Icon

"3D iPhone Icon" by JonathanfromUPR

Shark Week

"Shark Week" by Christopher Wilson

Darth Vader by El Ducko

Darth Vader by El Ducko

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